What makes a golf hotel unique? !
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Planning a perfect wedding is not an easy job to perform. There is a large number of things which require person’s attention such as wedding venue, wedding vehicle, catering service, environment of place and many other things like this. All these things depend upon the style of your wedding. If you want a desi or Punjabi wedding then all the arrangements are done according to it. The menu is also according to the theme and style of your wedding.

Before hiring a caterer for your wedding try to have a detailed informal conversation between you and the caterer so that you can explain every point to them, give them the complete detail related to your wedding and make them understand your requirements. You can tell them about the things which you like and which you don’t. You can also take menu suggestions from them. There is large number of people who are doing catering business now days. Always select the one according to your requirement and choice.

The golf hotel or country clubs usually served as amazing wedding reception venues. The environment of golf hotels and country clubs is perfect for a reception. A wedding is all about stage, food and the environment. A good quality environment leaves a good impact on the guests.

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