We speak hospitality!

Are you out for a hotel that has luxurious rooms with an interior décor that is breath-taking, one that offers you sceneries from your bedroom that makes you want to lie in bed all day, a hotel that provides world class facilities with a customer support staff that are simply exceptional? Well, look no more, for we have all you seek and more!

We have been into hotel business for years, and one thing has been our drive: our customer’s satisfaction. We have and will always see exceeding our customer’s satisfaction as priority—this is clearly seen in what drives every single thing we do.

Our customers are ambassadors of our selfless works, as their testimonials consistently tell so. No wonder our clientele is majorly repeat and referral customers. That definitely goes to say something; we are exceptional in what we do.

Our staffs consistently project what we sell as a company, so they are willing to go the extra mile to make sure every single customer feel right at home. It’s okay to call our hotel a home away from home, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

We have invested into every single facility to make sure it spells nothing but class, comfort, and elegance—just like you’ll them. You can be sure that you will have a hard time to say goodbye to us after your stay.

Every customer has a budget and ultimately, their preference; years in the business have told us so, that’s why we are always eager to listen to you so we can figure out your unique need, and how we can surpass it.

Your comfort and enjoyment during your stay cannot be compromised. If we fall short in delivering excellence where you are concerned, then we are committed to giving you a form of compensation or even a refund. Yes! We can go to that extent; for your satisfaction.


Are you looking for a hotel that spells class, but wouldn’t need to break a bank to lodge in? Then you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us so we show you a bit of our hospitality.

Our ever busy phone lines are displayed on our site, but guess what? We are never too busy for your calls. So kindly reach out to us. You can be rest assured that our ever efficient customer support team will promptly attend to you.

If you aren’t sure about putting a call through to us, how about shooting us an email? We respond to every email we receive promptly.

Kindly feel free to send your enquiries using the contact form on our site; they are there to service your enquiries as well.

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Do you still have reservations about the hotel that can give you an experience of a life time? We urge you to consider us for these reasons:

When it comes to delivering excellent customer service, and surpassing your expectations, we are yet to have a competition, for we are clearly on a class of our own. Give us a chance to create that holiday you’ve always dreamed of for you.

We can’t wait to hear from.