Are you looking to hire the services of a chauffeur or have access to one as a perk to a service? Well, we offer both to our guests and the public at large.

Depending on the plan you are on as a guest, you can be entitled to chauffeur services. So we encourage you to settle for the plan that offer this service if this is one perk you are looking at having access to.

Those who aren’t our guests who need to be chauffeur driven can also make demands for it, after following due process, you could send us a mail or put a call through to this effect, and we would gladly furnish you with the details

Our chauffeurs are professionals, and are very well acquainted with the environment, so you truly should have no concerns. All you need do is tell them where you are headed and they will gladly you drive you off; giving you VIP treatment through your ride.

You don’t need to break a bank to have a chauffeur service; we encourage you to make this part of your vacation experience; especially if you’ve never been chauffeur driven – we’re sure you won’t forget in a hurry the first time you were chauffeur driven

We believe your vacation should be about making first-times, and we are so eager to make it happen for you—and that’s why our chauffeur services are there to make you create a memoir, and we strongly encourage you to utilize it.