Our facilities are nothing but perfect, and that’s because we invest heavily into ensuring that every facility that graces our hotel can only spell comfort and bliss. Whether you seek a swimming pool facility, gym, basketball court, or exquisite rooms, our facilities promises to make you feel right at home.

Every one of our customers’ are treated as kings because that’s how we see them.

Our bedrooms, restrooms, gym, waiting rooms are lavish with the quality and excellent interior décor.

Our gym has all the equipment needed to truly enjoy keeping fit. Our gym instructor is always accessible and would gladly assist in helping you with the exercises. You can use our café, swimming pool, and enjoy a live band performance if these are your preferences, they are all available.

Every single one of our facility was constructed with excellence in mind. We are driven to ensure that a visit to our hotel should be filled with great memoirs that cannot be wiped off in a hurry.

Our spa is accessible to all our guests if you seek a body massage or general boy works. The professionals there are keen about making you feel rejuvenated and basking in beauty; you definitely want to have a feel of this before you leave.

Our basketball court and football lawn were specifically designed with extroverted guest in mind. We are aware that there are guests who wouldn’t fancy being indoors, so if what you seek is hanging outdoors, then you can be sure that every single time out there will count.

Bonding and networking with other guests usually take place during these outdoor activities, and wonderful friendships that outlive your visit can possibly ensue. And we are proud to be a part of the process.

Every single facility is installed with a motive—to create memoirs that will last a life time for our guests. The beautiful sceneries that greet you when you take a walk around our hotel as far as we are concerned are enough beautiful memoirs in itself.

We are aware that some guests lodge to have personal retreats, and so crave serenity and an extremely calm atmosphere. If that’s what you seek, we have suites that make this easily realizable, and we won’t restrain from making our recommendation.

Your kids are our very special guests, and so when we plan, they are a part of it. So your concerns about your kids having a swell time are clearly unfounded, for we have facilities for kids so they can be a part of the fun process as well.

Our guests are always too reluctant to leave, and that’s what makes our job truly fulfilling. And guess what? We would gladly extend your stay; we have done that for clients severally, and we hope that’s your experience too.

We urge you not to take our word for it; plan to pay us a visit and prove our claims wrong. We are very eager to show you a bit of our hospitality.