What’s a holiday that’s void of excellent cuisine? That’s why we are intentional about bringing the best kind of meals home to our guests. We are home to guests from all around the world, and we are aware that some guests have very special connection to their traditional meals, and so we endeavor to embrace diversity in our meals.

Whether you are from Africa, Europe, America, Caribbean or Asia, you can be sure that we have your locally made meal available, and prepared by the very best of chef from around the world.

For us, eating tasty meals are superb, but that shouldn’t be all that characterizes a meal. That’s why we are particular about healthy and nutritious meals. We drive our kitchen staffs to replicate the excellence we project as a brand, and encourage them to strictly adhere to rules regarding hygiene and nutrients. Alongside our chefs are dieticians and nutritionists who are particular about healthy meals, and insist on it.

So be rest assured that our meals aren’t only tasty but healthy.

We also put into consideration those with health challenges or vegans who would rather steer clear specific meals. All you need do is let us intimate us on your preferences as regards your meals, and we would readily make the adjustments.

If you would rather have your meal serves in your room, then there’s no challenge with that at all. We offer excellent room service, and encourage you to specify if this is one of the perks you would want to embrace from our services.

In all, we encourage our guests to try out new cuisine, for that should be the essence of vacations. To explore other cultures and cuisines, as these will eventually make your stay memorable. If you are Asian, we are sure if you try out an African cuisine for the first time, you wouldn’t forget that in a hurry.

Make your vacation truly count with our excellent cuisine, for we can’t wait to give you the treat you truly deserve.