You should seriously consider making reservations in our hotels if you plan to lodge during our peak period. Every day is truly busy for us; that’s why you are safer with making reservations, so you don’t ruin your vacation pan because we are fully booked when you eventually reach out.

We know how to truly make vacations memorable, and that’s why we are a choice destination for newlyweds, personal retreats, family get-together, office retreat, romantic getaways, etc.

Our rooms are spell luxury and exquisite; one that promises to make you forget home. For us, we have only done a great job when our guests are reluctant to return home; if a guest is so much in a hurry to return home, then we assume that we have failed in our service delivery. Are we selfish? Well, we don’t think so, as we hate to see you go.

You need not bother about your security or privacy while you are lodged with us, as it’s very paramount to us. Each floor can only be accessed with an electronic card key, and the rooms occupied by our guests are given a safe that’s electronic to help keep their possession secure.

Our deluxe rooms with patio offer you an opportunity to have views of the city; the TVs are connected to the internet, making it super easy for guests to browse through the internet. Access to the hotel’s intranet is also possible, which gives you access to information on latest promotions and navigations through the hotel.

We also have double, studio, premier, triple and superior rooms, and they all offer varying features, and based on your specifications, we can go right ahead and make a recommendations and reservations that will suit your need.

We put in so much effort in making sure that your vacation is worth it, that’s why we urge you to go online and make reservations for any room of your choice.

Your reservations isn’t complete without your credit card, that’s why we have different payment options to make it super easy for you—based on your payment preference. The process is truly easy, so just go right ahead.

We encourage you to make a reservation today, so we can start getting ready to meet you!